Function-process Pilot Studies

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First implementation meeting: To be decided.

Technology: webex and skype.


  • Chris Mungall (define relationships)
  • Amelia Ireland (Steering)
  • David Hill and Midori Harris (Managers)

Biochemical experts:

  • Harold Drabkin
  • Ben Hitz
  • Chris Tissier
  • Hartmut Foerster
  • Peifen Zhang
  • Martha Arnaud
  • Cindy Krieger
  • Jennifer Deegan


Mailing List:

Test files checked into CVS under:

Implementation plan:

  • Define relationships and enter them into the OBO_REL ontology. (Chris Mungall and Amelia Ireland)
  • Decide methodology for representation of the links.
    • Hard wired into the ontology?
    • Separate file?
  • Begin with metabolic processes. Assign different areas of metabolism to biochemical experts. Resources will be:
    • KEGG
    • Reactome
    • Metacyc

Additional material:

Display of links:

Mining links from pathway databases