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Summary of action Items from Day 1

  1. [[[not done]]] Tutorial on wiki discipline (Jim Hu).
  2. Look at and comment on outstanding items Outstanding Action Items from 17th GOC Meeting, Cambridge UK (ALL)
  3. [done ] Check whether there should be a relationship between pigment metabolic process and pigmentation (David Hill)
  4. [done] A reference to the annotation SOPs should go in next newsletter. (Jen Deegan)
  5. [done] Add a link from outreach to the SOPs (Jen)
  6. [done ]Investigate why terms requests aren’t coming in from new groups. Do we need to do to make the process easier. Do additional people need to be on the GO email lists: SF tracker list, annotation list (Jen)
  7. [done] NML Michael sent ISSN URL to Eurie (Eurie)
  8. [ done for here...move to tracker] some of the people from Gramene get push for changes to web pages...RSS feed for Newsletter (Newsletter group)
  9. DoneReactome annotations should be available from GO by the next GO Consortium meeting. Add new evidence code EXP for 1:1 Reactome to literature, add all other Reactome with TAS to Reactome source. (Esther (Reactome), Jen and Ruth)
  10. keep as action item...convert to incremental project to be done as needed, and granularity itemConvert Reactome complex terms to GO terms (assigned to?)
  11. done Carry out pilot project with a minimal set of terms, as an experiment and bring back results for next GO meeting (Jen)
  12. done except vacules...make source forge item Make unintuitive sensu terms organism-specific (biologist intuitive) (i.e plant vacuole, fungal vacuole). However GO definitions will still be designed to be formal- fully descriptive and not depending on species to define the term (David Hill)

Summary of Action points from Day 2

  1. forthcoming AmiGO feature Deploy the part that created SF items based on a friendly webform, and would like to see an OBO format in the SF item (David Midori Seth)
  2. forthcoming AmiGO feature ORB: Make link to how to make a perfect GO term from the term request tool (this information should be available from both the SourceForge page and the wrapper) (Seth)
  3. done Link GOOSE from front page (Amelia )
  4. partly done, waiting for OBOEdit2 Cross products: need to have Webex meeting for GO editors so all understand what to do. (Chris)
  5. DONE: OBO file renaming: add a link to Wiki: http://gocwiki.geneontology.org/index.php/Versionning_Proposal On the best practises page: http://gocwiki.geneontology.org/index.php/Best_Practises (Judy)
  6. Work on the specification for OBO stanza for term requests (this is already documented).
  7. Gene Association files: to work on a more advanced interface to download custom files (Chris)
  8. Gene Association files: to filter files as they come in. (Mike)
  9. Talk to OLGA, TRIS and Tracy (BioMediator) to look into creating an API (Suzi, David)
  10. Finalizing proposed evidence code documentation – abbreviated version on web pages and more detailed on GOC Wiki, put evidence code proposal in the context of what we discussed today. Create documentation for curators and users (more succinct version) (Rama and the Evidence Code committee)
  11. Revise evidence code documentation so that a mutation in only one gene can only be IMP (protein localization IGI example) (Rama)
  12. Curators to check whether they have used IGI appropriately and update annotations (ALL curators)
  13. 'with' column optional for NAS - document this (Evidence Code committee)
  14. Update evidence code decision tree in response to today's discussion on evidence code usage (Jen and Evidence Code committee)
  15. Only ND allowed to root nodes - clarify this in the documentation (Rama and Evidence Code committee)