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September 25th, 2007 Princeton, New Jersey

Meeting Location
Prospect House - Presidential Dining Room
 Prospect House  
 Washington St
 Princeton, NJ 08544
 (609) 258-3455
Lunch Location: Prospect House - Library 
Dinner - dinner reservations at Mediterra
 29 Hulfish St 
 Princeton, NJ 08542
 (609) 252-9680
Nassau Inn
 Nassau Inn
 10 Palmer Sq E
 Princeton, NJ 08542
 (609) 921-7500

Scientific Advisory Board Members

David Botstein, Princeton University
Ian Dix(not attending), AstraZeneca
Lynette Hirschman(not attending), Mitre Corporation
Larry Hunter, University of Colorado Health Sciences Center
Craig Neville-Manning; Google
Barry Smith, University of Buffalo
David States, University of Michigan
Peter Tarczy-Hornach, University of Washington
Simon Tavare Cambridge University
Mike Tyers, Edinburgh University

Questions for the Scientific Advisory Board

  1. What criteria should we use to collect and prioritize genes for the reference genomes?
  2. What measures would be effective for assessing progress on the reference genome projects? That is, the accuracy and level of detail for individual genes, and coverage of all functional elements across the genome.
  3. Given our limited resources, what other groups might we work with that would provide maximal benefit to both?
  4. What are the key parameters to keep the GO central to biology? That is, how do we keep moving forward?
  5. How can we create an incentive to motivate groups to improve computational methods for functional annotation prediction?

Tentative Agenda

0830-0900 Introductions; Review Agenda and Objectives for this day.
Since we have just the one day, it will be important to establish at the start what we hope to accomplish. We seek the input and expertise of the SAB to evaluate the progress and priorities of the GOC taking into strong consideration the aims of the funding GOC grant yet recognizing the demands of the current scientific research environment and developments.
The plan here is to spend the morning in a review of current progress, and the afternoon in discussion led by the concerns and interests of the SAB.
0900 - 0945 Ontology Development
We will maintain comprehensive, logically rigorous and biologically
accurate ontologies.. 
  • PI Lead: Suzi Lewis
  • Ontology Structure Lead: Chris Mungall
  • Ontology Biological Content Leads: Midori Harris, David Hill, Karen Eilbeck
  • Working Group: OBO_Edit Working Group
This report will include biological content of ontology development (content meetings)as well as changes to the ontology structure including ""is_a complete"", disjointedness, progress on edges between function and process, and introduction of new relationship (regulates).
945 - 1030 Reference Genome Project
We will comprehensively annotate reference genomes in as complete detail as possible.
  • PI Lead: Judy Blake
  • Project Leads: Pascale Gaudet and Rex Chisholm
This report will include strategies, priorities, progress and metrics relative to the Reference Genome Annotation Project
1030 - 1045 Break
1045 - 1115 Annotation Outreach and User Support
 We will support annotation across all organisms. 
  • PI Lead: Michael Ashburner
  • Project Leads: Jen Deegan
This report will include a summary of annotation outreach efforts including the development of documentation for new annotation groups.

Talk slides: Media:outreach_princeton.ppt

1115 - 1200 Providing Tools and Resources for Users; User Support
We will provide our annotations and tools to the research community.
  • PI Lead: Mike Cherry
  • Project Leads: Eurie Hong, Jane Lomax, Ben Hitz, Chris Mungall
  • Working Groups: AmiGO working group;
This report will include information about production database and AmiGO as well as direct user support via HelpDesk and user documentation.
1200 Lunch
0100 - 0300 Open Discussion with SAB
0300 - 0330 Break
0330 - 0500 At discretion of SAB


  1. Grant-Related Materials
    1. Final Research Proposal:File:GO 2006 GRANTproposal final.doc
  2. GOC Progress Report
  3. Minutes from GOC meeting: Jesus College,Cambridge; Jan 2007
    1. File:2007 JanGOC Cambridge.doc
  4. Raw minutes from GOC meeting: Princeton, Day 1, Day 2, Outstanding Action Items from 17th GOC Meeting, Cambridge UK