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Projects Managers are assigned by GO PIs to oversee the different aspects of the project.

Role Name GitHub handle email
Project management Pascale Gaudet @pgaudet
Software management Seth Carbon @kltm
Literature annotation/GO-CAM curation Kimberly VanAuken @vanaukenk
GO-CAM framework   David Hill @ukemi
Phylogenetic Annotation Huaiyu Mi @huaiyumi
Ontology Pascale Gaudet @pgaudet
Data pipeline and QA Pascale Gaudet @pgaudet
Outreach, Web presence, User Support Suzi Aleksander @suzialeksander

Project stand up meetings

  • Managers and projects members (PI stakeholder, product owners, technical leads and other project members) discuss the progress of the various ongoing projects weekly on Wednesdays, 11 AM EST. See GO Google calendar for details.
  • Agenda and minutes: Project stand up meetings

Additional Calls

David, Kimberly, Pascale - Wednesday calls