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Protocol for managing import files


What is an import file?

Some terms from external ontologies are used in equivalence axioms and subclass assertions in certain GO classes. External classes are imported as needed by generating import files that contain the necessary class hierarchy from the external ontology. The external class hierarchy is used for reasoning in GO.

Direct imports

  • chebi_import.owl
  • caro_import.owl
  • cl_import.owl
  • go-brige.owl
  • fao_import.owl
  • go-gci.owl
  • go-taxon-groupings.owl
  • ncbitaxon_import.owl
  • oba_import.owl
  • pato_import.owl
  • po_import.owl
  • pr_import.owl
  • ro_import.owl
  • ro_pending.owl
  • so_import.owl
  • uberon_import.owl
  • x-disjoint.owl

Indirect imports

  • taxslim.owl

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