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GO Helpdesk

All queries are directed to the GitHub GO Help Desk tracker

Guidelines for person responsible for overseeing the Helpdesk tracker

  1. Triage queries
    • Mark as "accepted" immediately, add additional flags as appropriate
    • Assign queries to the person with appropriate expertise.
      • This page list GOC's members expertise [1] to help identify the best people to assign the different queries to.
  2. Check the FAQ. Answers might already be there.
    • If needed, improve FAQ documentation on website.
  3. Create tickets in other trackers as appropriate. Helpdesk ticket remains open until the query has been addressed.
  4. Mark tickets as "stale" after ~ 1 month of no response from the user who opened the ticket or after a solution has been proposed. Prompt user for any further related questions; tickets can be closed due to inactivity after a further appropriate amount of time.

Review Status

Last reviewed: February 25, 2019