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Current Rota
Seth September 3rd
Tony September 10th
Chris September 17th
Ben September 24th
Mary October 1st *



To make sure that all email forwarded to the software group from GO Help is answered in a timely manner.

People in rota

Seth, Tony, Chris, Ben, Mary, Heiko


We are going to use a rota where each person will be 'on duty' for 1 week at a time. Any questions hitting the software list during that time should be shepherded by the person on duty.

It is responsibility of the person on duty to make sure that all queries are answered by answering it themselves, forwarding it on to someone else who knows more, or harassing the software list until something happens. The person on duty must also make sure that any answer gets back to either the GO Help list or the originator of the query from GO Help.

At the end of your shift, please send a reminder email to the next person on the list to remind them that it's their turn.

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