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Overview and Scope of Use

  • The 'indirectly causally upstream of' relation is used to relate GO Biological Processes (BP) and/or GO Molecular Functions (MF) when:
    • The mechanism that relates the upstream event (MF or BP) to the downstream event (MF or BP) is understood
    • The upstream event has an effect on the execution of the downstream event
    • There is a third event that happens between the upstream event and the downstream event
    • The upstream event is causally upstream of the third event and the donwstream event is causally downstream of the third event

Annotation Usage Guidelines

  • Standard Annotation (This relation should not be used for conventional annotation.)
      • What to capture
      • What not to capture
    • Examples
  • GO-CAM Annotation (This relation should not be used in GO-CAM models. Instead a more specific causal relation should be used, for example a causally upstream of relation specifying positive or negative causality.)
      • What to capture
      • What not to capture
    • Examples

Ontology Usage Guidelines

Quality Control Checks

  • Annotations can be validated using a Shape Expressions (ShEx) representation of allowed relations between ontology terms.

Child Terms

indirectly regulates

Relations Ontology

indirectly causally upstream of

Review Status

Last reviewed:October 31, 2022, David

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