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  • Why isn't photosynthesis under metabolic process? (jl) [it is now!]
  • I've changed all the 'xxx metabolism' terms to 'xxx metabolic process', and the same for catabolism and biosynthesis terms. The only one I didn't do was 'protein biosynthesis' (aka translation) as this term has parts. I'll made a list of all the terms that have a part_of metabolic/catabolic/biosynthetic process as a parent and we can take a look at them. (jl)
  • I've had a very quick look at sperm/egg interaction, yeast mating (aka conjugation), and Tcell/target interactions. My question now is: what's the difference between cell-cell docking and cell-cell adhesion (GO:0016337)? I'm having a tough time defining 'docking' in a way that distinguishes it from cell-cell adhesion but still encompasses all of the examples (even if you don't include the T cells). There's a common theme of molecules at cell surfaces -- surface in a loose sense that includes plasma membrane or extracellular matrix -- mediating attachment, but it doesn't seem that the gene products involved are strikingly similar. (mah)
  • Prospores: I'm not quite sure I understand what the question is, but here's what I've found: A bacterial forespore (also called a prespore) is the smaller of two cells resulting from an asymmetric division. During the conversion of the forespore to a mature spore, the forespore remains attached to the mother cell (the larger of the two), and then is engulfed by the mother cell. When the spore is mature the mother cell cytoplasm and membrane are lost. In fungi, prospores are formed after meiosis when the four haploid nuclei are surrounded by a specialized membrane that eventually matures into spore walls. (mah)
  • "Cell maintenance": Five terms fall into this category: germ-line stem cell maintenance, maintenance of meristem identity, photoreceptor cell maintenance, somatic stem cell maintenance, and stem cell maintenance. All except photoreceptor cell maintenance refer to the prevention of differentiation or retention of stem cell population. PCR = Any process preventing the degeneration of the photoreceptor, a specialized cell type that is sensitive to light. Maybe this should be renamed as something NOT cell maintenance? The term was Becky's - we could consult her. (tzb) - RESOLVED: will leave PCR where it is, definition makes it clear that it is not stem cell maintenance. (tzb 12-11-06)
  • Root and shoot system development: Were we going to add in these terms? I can't see them in the is_a complete file. IIRC, they were meant to be parents of 'root development' and 'shoot development' and children of 'system development.' (tzb)
  • Cell motility = "Any process involved in the controlled movement of a cell.". What was decided wrt movement in place vs movement from one place to another? The current definition of cell motility suggests that 'stomatal movement' (opening and closing of stomatal pore) would be an appropriate child. (tzb)
  • Looks like we created 'reproductive cellular process in single-celled organism' as a child of reproductive cellular process and also 'reproductive process in multicellular organism' but the latter has no children. What do we envision as children for that term? (tzb)