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The Sequence Ontology held a workshop in September to develop areas of the ontology relating to mobile elements and kinds of replicon. Domain experts with microbiological and viral backgrounds attended and provided much needed insight into the terms and structure they required to be able to annotate sequence from non-eukaryotic domains of life. Several important changes were made to the ontology. For example, the definition of chromosome was broadened and subtypes added that are differentiated by the following criteria: RNA or DNA, single or double stranded, and linear or circular. Changes were also made to extend and reorganize the kinds of origins of replication and recombination sequence. Other topics discussed included genomic islands, transposable elements and regulatory regions. As an aside from the main proceedings, we also discussed RNA editing in Trypanosomes and the kinetoplast structure. The workshop has proved to be a successful first step towards building collaborations with these communities.