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GO-help JIRA issues

This page is to collect issues with the JIRA software system that is used to manage GO-help issues.


  • Is not set up to send emails only under certain conditions, i.e. an email is sent to everybody when the component, subject etc. is changed, would be preferable if this is only sent to the person who changed it. However, it is useful for everyone to get an email if a comment has been added
  • JIRA has stopped emailing the person who updates an issue - this was useful in order to use the generated email to reply to the user
  • We cannot respond to the user directly from within JIRA, we have to email the user and cc the JIRA email address.
  • When the user replies to us and doesn't cc the JIRA email address, the thread of the conversation is lost unless we forward that reply or copy it into the JIRA issue.
  • The user is not the 'reply to' email address (Reporter) in JIRA. This necessitates the run around with emailing and cc'ing from the responder's own email.
  • Jira keeps using different people's names for go-helpdesk@ebi.ac.uk; this can cause all sorts of havoc for address books
  • (more general) the email address should be go-help/help/go-helpdesk@geneontology.org; users should be protected with the slightly odd round trip through the EBI. should be able to address this through proper email aliasing
  • Categorizing and managing tickets is less than intuitive
  • Tickets should be closeable (and hopefully more generally manageable) via email can't be done but being able to handle everything in the JIRA interface should remove the need to do so by email Agreed (probably one of my items). [-Seth]
  • The new "fancy" interface is hopelessly broken on some pages with some browsers don't know what the issues here (what pages/what browsers) are so will have to be tested
  • The ever increasing number of spam emails should not be sent to everybody in the group (possibly just the "on-duty" people, or a collection area where they are periodically checked); we might also want to consider captchas and contact pages
  • Everyone (?) signed up for GO help gets all email regardless of whether it is there week or not. We should be able to configure this so a helper only receives email from issues that he/she during their rota week, or another help, as assigned to them. This could be configured but is it really desired? Do you not want to see all the conversations on your 'off' weeks?

Desired emails

1. When ticket is created. (for everybody)

2. When ticket is assigned. (for assignee and watchers)

3. When comments are added. (for assignee and watchers)

Undesirable emails

These are probably desirable for assignee and watchers.

1. When ticket subject is edited.

2. When components are added/changed.

3. When ticket is closed. (or is this desirable?)

4. When ticket type is edited.


  • Can JIRA be changed to fit what we want?
  • Are there other packages (Redmine, OTRS, Trac, Bugzilla) that might fit our needs better?