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GO Editorial Office Report - July 2006

SourceForge items
  Items opened	40
  Closed by editorial office	19
   (note: 2 SF items closed outside GO-Ed. this month; see end of
    report for details and for non-GO-Ed contributors to items we
  Items in progress, assigned to editorial office	74

See monthly report in CVS for ontology statistics.

Erika's project:
  Erika finished her stint with us on July 12th, and has moved back to
  Padova. She plans to continue annotation of proteins relevant to her
  project, and to help out with the 'response to drug' changes.

Jen has taken a 2-week Java course.

Content topics in progress:
  OBOL-related SF item split for tractability (Jen)
  New 'sensu' usage proposal on wiki (Jen, with Chris M, Jane, Amelia)
  Brain development additions from content meeting; comment deadline
    August 1 (Jen, David Hill)
  Changes to 'response to drug' node (Erika, Jen, Alex Diehl)
  Contractile rings, cleavage furrow, septin structures (Midori, Karen
    Christie, Val Wood, et al.)

Content topics resolved:
  Several small things for SourceForge items  

Content working group update: 
  All members invited, and essentialy all have agreed (TAIR in flux a
  bit because a new curator has just started). Task/priority list sent
  to GO management list.

OBO-Edit working group update:
  OBO-Edit 1.002 tested and released
  Features selected for OBO-Edit 1.1
  Manuscript in preparation for Bioinformatics Applications Note

AmiGO working group (Jane, Amelia):
   Testing for planned August release

Advocacy group (Jane):
  Addition to wiki
  Collecting items for August newsletter

Annotation outreach (Jen):
  Work on outreach database to simplify the schema and provide
    access to rest of outreach group (no results yet on latter)

  GO Annotation Camp, July 10-14 (Midori)
  PAMGO content meeting at TIGR, July 17-20 (Jane, Amelia)
  Continued planning for upcoming GO Users meeting; abstract deadline
    August 14 (Midori)

mesh2go mapping in progress (Jane)

Some updates to web pages (Amelia)

Some additions to wiki (general - Amelia; advocacy - Jane)

A few queries on the mailing lists (mainly Jane)

GO Bibliography now has 906 entries

Appendix 1: Items closed outside GO-Ed this month

1489900 - content by Karen Christie and Harold Drabkin, edits done by
          Karen Christie

1521229 - content by David Hill, edits done by Harold Drabkin

Appendix 2: input from others on SF items closed this month
1325781 - several GOC annotators, especially David Hill, Russ Collins
1497433 - Chandra Theesfeld, Val Wood
1504668 - PAMGO curators, especially Candace Collmer
1511535 - David Hill, Doug Howe
1530067 - David Hill, Tanya Berardini