July2010 Annotation Advocacy Report

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Proposal to Merge Mailing lists

  • Proposal to merge annotation_related mailing list was agreed upon at the last Managers call. Rama will make an announcement about the merge and the merge will potentially happen after August 16th.

Making Progress with updating Documentation

  • Rama is looking into reorganizing the Annotation_documentation section on the GOC website. Annotation guidelines from the GO camp will be added soon.
  • Binding group had another conference call in July.

Minutes can be found here- : http://wiki.geneontology.org/index.php/2010_GO_camp_binding_documentation_issues#Minutes_23-07-2010

Hard QC checks

  • Email summarizing the new Annotation QC checks is ready to be sent out.

Transcription overhaul

Coordinating with Karen and David to organize a conference call to discuss transcription related ontology changes.