July2011 Annotation Advocacy Report

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Transcription Jamboree

A transcription annotation jamboree was held on 26th July to discuss some parts of the transcription overhaul that are confusing to curators. For full details, see the discussion notes which also includes useful resources for curators, including Karen Christie's transcription curation manual and Powerpoint presentation.

Apoptosis Project

A further conference call for the Apoptosis Project was held on 20th July. For full details, see the minutes

Topics discussed included;

  • Definition of cell death
  • Renaming 'apoptosis' as 'apoptotic process'
  • Creating two sub-processes of 'apoptotic process'; 'apoptotic signaling pathway' and 'execution phase of apoptosis'

News feed aggregation

Seth has put together a single feed for Gene Ontology-related news sites

The aggregated news feed can be accessed here; http://fork.lbl.gov/aggregator/rss The sites being aggregated are detailed here