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GO Editorial Office Report - June 2006

SourceForge items
  Items opened	39
  Closed by editorial office	27
   (note: no SF item closed outside GO-Ed. this month; see end of
    report for details and for non-GO-Ed contributors to items we
  Items in progress, assigned to editorial office	74

See monthly report in CVS for ontology statistics.

Erika's project:
  1) Open SF items:
     1516382? synaptic transmission regulation terms
     1501514 excitatory and inhibitory synapse
     1501105 postsynaptic active zone
     1501089 Excitatory postsynaptic potential
  2) Complete the annotation for kainate receptors.
  3) Attend the Neurobiology Content Meeting
  4) Attend the First Systems Biology Symposium/Workshop at EBI
  5) Start to work on the SF item 1494526 Drug Terms in the GO
     Create a new interest group Response-to-drug

Content topics in progress:
  Brain development additions from content meeting (Jen, David Hill)
  'Rehoming' unlocalized protein complexes
  Changes to 'response to drug' node (Erika, Jen, Alex Diehl)
  Contractile rings, cleavage furrow, septin structures (Midori, Karen
    Christie, Val Wood, et al.)

Content topics resolved:
  Several small things for SourceForge items  

Content working group update: 
  A draft of a merged summary document has been sent around, and
  modest changes made. David will invite the remaining 3 or 4 members,
  and then we'll schedule regular chats.

OBO-Edit working group update:
  As noted, OBO-Edit 1.000 released June 1st; 1.001 update released June 8
  Feature requests being evaluated and prioritized
  Demo 'release' (beta) with graph-based editing groundwork
  Publication(s) in preparation

AmiGO working group (Jane, Amelia):
  More mockups (A); conf call

Advocacy group (Jane):
  FAQ actively developed again; some additions/updates (Jane; also a
    few others in advocacy group)
  Collecting items for August newsletter

Annotation outreach (Jen):
  Annotation tool discussion
  GO Associate discussion
  Group priorities for rest of 2006
  A bit of work with PseudoCAP group

  Workshop on RDF, Metadata and Ontologies, Edinburgh, June 7-9
    (Midori, general GO talk with a bit of emphasis on update
    procedures); see
  Neurobiology content meeting, Bar Harbor, June 15-16 (Jen, Erika,
    Midori from GOEd)
    Excellent summary in June 21 conf call minutes
    (from David, transcribed by Eurie)
    Additions from Jen: preparatory work on meeting topics; prepared &
      presented general GO talk; she did the during-meeting editing
      and is donig most of the post-meeting editing; also a few small
      related tasks
  One-hour chat with visitors to EBI: Rob Stierum (senior fellow),
    Peter Hendriksen (post-doc) and Andre Boorsma (post-doc), who make
    up the bioinformatic team of the Netherlands Toxicogenomics Centre
    (www.toxicogenomics-centre.nl), a collaboration of several
    research groups in the Netherlands led by Maastricht
    University. The session was mainly them asking us and GOA about
    various asspects of GO, other ontologies, and annotation, but they
    might have some suggestions for GOA that could feed into
    priority-setting for annotation.
  Visit from Marina Brilman, who has a background in law and is doing
    research in classificatory practices and different norms used in
    property law concerning biological products or processes; she had
    lots of interesting questions about GO.
  Continued planning for upcoming meetings, including annotation camp,
    PAMGO, and GO Users meeting (user meeting registration and
    abstract submission now open)

  Book chapter submitted: 'Parasites and GO' for bioinformatics text
    book for parasitologists (Jane, with Matt Berriman)

Continued contact with Colin Batchelor, RSC publishing, for updates on
  their progress; day of GO training for RSC editors planned
  (Sept. 29)

figs2go & ko2go mappings in progress (Jane, with MA on ko2go)
mesh2go mapping setup (including software) in progress (Jane)

Some updates to web pages (Amelia)

A few queries on the mailing lists (mainly Jane)

GO Bibliography now has 893 entries

Appendix 1: input from others on SF items closed this month
1065289 - development interest group
1203227 - Sue Rhee
1432216 - Val Wood, Eurie Hong, Nick Stover, Nick Thomson (Sanger PSU)
1447142 - Alex Diehl
1490151 - Chandra Theesfeld, Val Wood
1490810 - Rama Balakrishnan
1498539 - Michelle Gwinn
1499764 - Michelle Gwinn