LEGO February 2, 2015

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Review Pho pathway curation We will review the details added by Paul T. Regulation by IP7 small molecule.


  • Paul, Suzi couldn't be at the meeting
  • Paul's changes seemed straightforward
  • Rama will look into adding more details to this pathway by next meeting.
  • Regarding release of this tool to curators in Jan 2015- Heiko and Chris mentioned that they are few months behind in terms of getting all the features out (especially the evidence codes).
  • Rama- how is this tool going to be used by curators? Curator time is limited and training curators to be consistent and to understand the model can be a challenge. Where should we start? What is the priority? Users use GO annotations from GAFs very well. How are users going to use this data?
    • Chris- good questions. We should wait for the PIs to return from the planning meeting
  • Biocuration meeting: Rama mentioned that she would like to talk about LEGO at this meeting. We should think about how to pitch it correctly.