LEGO November 2, 2015

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Bluejeans URL:

Annotation Meeting

  • Set for second week of December - Tuesday, 12/8 - Thursday, 12/10
  • Location - still TBD?
  • Agenda for meeting

Zebrafish Heart Development Paper

  • Models from David, Kimberly, Paul
  • Some discussion of details via email
  • Further review on another call (David H is out today)

Seeding Models from Existing Annotations

  • Starting to draft documentation
  • Seeding models from existing annotations seems an efficient way to start
  • Would like to enter a gene list and retrieve all MF annotations


  • On call: Chris, Heiko, Kimberly, Seth
  • Meeting dates set, location either UK or Geneva
  • Discussed seeding models with MF annotations given a list of gene IDs
  • K will review video demo, function companion tool, recent github tickets, enrichment analysis of lists to see if there is a BP term for seeding
  • Continue documentation on Google docs for now