MENGO Microbial Energy Processes Term Development

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The MENGO project is a multi-institutional collaborative effort that aims to develop new Gene Ontology terms to describe microbial bioenergy related processes. It is funded by the DOE as part of its Systems Biology Knowledgebase program.

The Gene Ontology

The Gene Ontology provides a controlled vocabulary for describing gene products from all organisms. The Gene Ontology is represented by three ontologies- Molecular Function (what a gene product does), Biological Process (why it does what it does), Cellular Component (where it does what it does). Each of these ontologies forms the root of a set of carefully defined terms arranged in a special hierarchy called directed acyclic graph. In this hierarchy, a terms is related to one or more parent terms through three types of relationships-is_a, part_of, regulates.

MENGO, an interest group of the Gene Ontology seeks to expand term development for microbial processes useful for bioenergy production.