Manager 05June2013

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Present: Kimberly, Rama, Huaiyu, Rachael, Jane, Paul T.

  • LEGO curation
    • What should curators do to prepare? Possibly:
      • Select a pathway for their organism
      • Review existing annotations for completeness
      • Add Column 16 annotation extensions for details.
      • Other? e.g., think about what features they'd like for a LEGO curation tool?

Can model LEGO annotations in Protege, but don't know where to go next for tool, make this focus of call. Is Protege good enough? Gather together requirements. Call agreed to take place on third Tuesday of each month at 8.30am (West Coast US), Huaiyu to send reminder to GO managers and Tanya. First call will deal with the status of LEGO project, LEGO plug-in for Protege - need to ask Chris, curation SOP preferably with a simple pathway/reaction as an example.

  • GO Consortium meeting

Bar Harbor meeting dates and venue are set, a page will be set up on the wiki. Venue is Bar Harbor Club and the Harbourside Hotel next door.

  • Evidence Code Ontology
    • What are our thoughts/plans for using an expanded evidence code ontology?

GOC is interested in using more granular ECO codes. Rachael will speak with Tony about our plans to use more granular ECO codes in Protein2GO.

  • Reactome annotations

Reactome use TAS in unconventional way, use React ID in reference column, similar case with their EXP annotations. First call was reviewing how Reactome make their annotations, need to discuss this further with them possibly as a pre-meeting to the next GOC meeting.

  • Papers
    • Group from NTNU (Norway) in collaboration with Rama, Karen, Rachael, Judy et al. have submitted a paper on transcription factor annotation
    • GO Editors are submitting a paper about cellular component being aligned with SAO
    • General agreement was for drafts of GOC papers to be sent around manager's list to keep us notified of new papers.