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Old Business

ACTION: Reports should be moved to the QC directory and updated weekly. Need to advertise on the GO list.

ACTION: There was a problem with generating the PAINT GAF files. Suzi will check with MikeC.

ACTION: Everybody should look at the GOC grant to see if anything needs further discussion, in future quarterly reports (audits) will be due to assess progress


  • Amelia and Chris will create a QC directory and drop the def_diffs there.
  • The script that generates the PAINT GAF files was put on a cron tab. It runs weekly. So there is no need to send a reminder to curators.

New Discussion Topics

Ontology development

Items from the Annotation and Reference genome Groups

  • Tracking gene product annotation status form each database

using the gp annotation and information format - Roll over from last meeting agenda

Reminder: this was an item brought up at the GO Consortium meeting in Stanford March 2010. Here are the minutes from the discussion - One of the action items was: We will roll out new split GAF for all groups

  • Proposal for definition of Comprehensively annotated

- this tag is attached at the level of the gene product and must be accompanied by a timestamp.


Indicates that a gene product has been the focus of a manual annotation effort whereby a curator has reviewed the current literature and has annotated to the principal functions, process and component GO terms. It is not required for a curator should have annotated every single paper published on a gene product if additional annotations would only duplicate information currently provided.

The timestamp is an essential component of this label, as it indicates the date at which the curator last reviewed the gene product's annotation set and literature available.

It is possible that a gene product may have papers that were published after the 'comprehensively annotated' timestamp that would be suitable for GO annotation but that have not yet been added added.

Similarly, GO annotations to a comprehensively annotated gene product with a later timestamp may exist which have been created during routine annotation update procedures, or as a by-product from a annotation efforts focusing on a different gene product.

Each time a curator re-reviews the entire annotation set for a previously 'comprehensively annotated'-tagged gene product, the associated timestamp should be updated.


  • There are issues with the current format.
  • Amelia and Chris will flush the details of this format further and update the wiki page
  • This format/new proposal will be presented at the upcoming GOC meeting