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Present: Pascale, Rama, Judy, Paul S, David, Kara, Suzi, Paul T, Emily

-Discuss the proposal to obsolete terms when a change is made to a definition that makes a term more general. We will refer to the document that was sent around last week. (David)

  • David will figure out a way to get the MGI Curator's report to go to the entire GO group. Since so many small changes are made to term definitions that have no effect on annotation correctness we will not obsolete terms if we think the annotations will not be incorrect. Annotators will use the reports to refine their annotations if they think it is warranted. Annotators will also provide feedback to ontology developers.

- Update and review timelines (Judy)

  • Judy would like to review the timelines. The idea would be to discuss as a group the priorities to see how we can depend and help each other. We will be prepared to do this for the next meeting. We will do this as a group. We will create a new bullet for the time lines on the manager's page (David to do).

Reference genome

- PAINT annotations. IAS-evidenced (Inferred from Ancestral Sequences) annotations have appeared in PAINT files last month (replacing the ISS evidence code). There doesn't seem to be any documentation on the IAS, IDS, IMR or IRD IAS does not appear to have been accepted for use by the GOC. (Emily)

  • These are under discussion with Michele and Emily. Since they haven't been agreed on and there is no documentation, we cannot bring these into our databases. MGI converts all of these to ISS and loads them. Once there is minimal documentation to approve of them, we will use the new codes. The group decided that we can go ahead and load these as ISS. Each group should process the file to ISS. Need to write an e-mail to the list explaining these new evidence codes. We also need to get the new codes up on the GO site so that everyone recognizes that they are approved evidence codes.

- Can we afford any time on finishing the development of the Family reports?

It would be nice to search and sort.

  • What are the roadblocks to the process that we could overcome by working on it further. What can't we do now that we would like to see? On a gene page, it would be nice to see the links to the family. This would be nice for a term page as well. Would also like to be able to search and sort on the families. Pascale will track down the requirements on the wiki and re-send it to the software group. We need to decide where this fits in and set a priority for it.

- Timing of the annotation and ref genome calls (Pascale)

  • Setting a standard of the timing doesn't work because there are some people who are inconvenienced by the call. Should we stagger the calls? Having them on consecutive days doesn't seem to be working. Perhaps we could stagger the weeks for the calls, for example ref genome on the first week and annotation on the third week. Do we still need to stagger the times so that people can attend at a specific time?

Next GOC Meeting

May 19-21st in Southern California.