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  • Fate of the wiki

There has been a proposal to revamp/retire/modify the wiki. There are two issues. 1) What is the best content management system for us within the GO? 2) Do we want to present ourselves to the world through the wiki? Was this its initial purpose? Do we keep the material up to standards that we want if the wiki is really for current/the best info on the project?

Is this a wiki problem or a general documentation problem. General thought is that people should land on the web site. Do we want to have to log into the wiki? There are some things that we would like to make public, but some things that would remain preliminary.

The nice thing about the wiki is that we can throw something there that everyone has access to. Do we want to use DOCS instead? When and how do we grandfather things? Can we have a better structure? Do we want to have headers with dates and notices that things are out-of-date etc?

General thought is that we want public (main web page) and working (wiki), do we want something in the middle? If we want it to be public, it should be good enough quality to go to the web site. We do want to keep the wiki as a 'lab notebook'. We find it very useful to go back and find things that were discussed. If we generate a list of links that refer to the wiki from the main web page and work to make those 'official' then eventually we can make the wiki more of a lab notebook.

We think for now we will have a banner on the wiki pages that says the pages may not be up to date and should be used with caution.

  • Report on any specialty workshops proposed

We are working with Ruth to hold an autophagy project. We are looking into experts in the UK who might attend. The meeting would be 1/2day, 1 full day, 1/2 day. It is not a lot of time, but we have run similar meetings successfully. Rama has some contacts for autophagy. Paola will let us know when we have updates.