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  • GOC meeting schedule
  • Neurospora crassa annotations
    • A query came in to GO-help over Christmas week regarding N. crassa annotations.
    • I couldn't find a species-specific file for N. crassa, but found a file at the Broad that had GO annotations with manual evidence codes:
  • Have we reached out to this group to ask about submitting their annotations to GO?
  • Annotating to non-UniProtKB identifiers - current status and plans?
  • Follow-up to yesterday's discussion of 'enzyme regulator activity' annotations
    • Many IDA annotations to this term or its children - re-annotate?


  • We need to announce the meeting on the Consortium mailing list
  • Agenda for the GOC meeting. We will schedule some working group meetings on 15th (Saturday). Flying in on 14th evening will be ideal. Items that we need to discuss on 15th:
    • GOC website update
    • New annotation tool prototype: get a small group to demo. This tool should be a comprehensive tool to make regular annotation and build LEGO models. Chris will possibly make a presentation at the next Managers call
    • Discuss goals for upcoming year. For ontology development there has been a request to clean up protein modification (Ub, Sumoylation) by Ub-Grid folks. Biochemical pathways have to be looked along with annotators to make sure the model fits the annotations. Other groups should come up with goals for the next year (software, annotation)
    • PAINT
    • Suzi will make the Agenda page for the working group discusions
  • Neurospora annotations
    • Rama has talked R. Aramayo (Professor at Texas A&M) about submitting the annotations for Neurospora. We will encourage him to work with Broad to submit annotations to GOA.
  • Othe Identifiers in CAT
    • Can Seth prototype this part? Yes, but more details have to be worked out. Kimberley will talk to Rachael, Tony to see what next etc
  • Enzyme regulator activity
    • Before we come up with a plan to reannotate, we need to clarify some details just to make sure everybody got the nuances (we might have to create a GO_REF). R/R will bring this up again at the next Annotation call (possibly with an example).
  • Maize Annotations
    • Mary Schaeffer contacted Judy about getting trained to make manual GO annotations for Maize. Judy will put her in touch with TAIR (Tanya/Eva). We can do a one hour Webinar like we did for MoonProt group.