Manager 15July2015

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[Chris and David were away. Few notes taken by Melanie]

1. We discussed ongoing work on the GO survey. Paola is still processing feedback and will send an updated version when ready. GO top will discuss what questions they want to see answered specifically (i.e., outcome of the survey). For example, we removed questions about age of respondents as for are uninformative for our purposes. Rama has a script that collects authors names from publications mentioning GO and she could provide a list of emails.

2. We discussed the upcoming GO meeting in Washington. GO consortium members may be expected to provide overview of tools etc during the open GO symposium. We need to have an agenda and inform them (August being a vacation month for many) Melanie, Suzi and Moni will meet and prepare a draft agenda. Timeline: having almost final agenda by next managers call in 2 weeks.

3. ISMB report Paul T suggested to have some sort of ISMB report. Other agrees. Melanie is preparing one on Bio-ontology SIG (slides) for campus curators at EBI and can share when done.