Manager 15May2012

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  • If the date for the next GO Consortium meeting has been agreed for the 7-9 October in Pasadena, would it be appropriate for these details to be circulated more widely?
  • Core Consortium activities: I have made three documents for publishing on the GOC website. This is just first draft and is missing some styling and formatting (I miss Amelia!). I am thinking about where to link it from etc. I will work on interlinking and beautifying these pages later.(Rama)
  • Desktop sharing software. We've tried Google hangout, and it didn't really perform well for us. The EBI WebEx hasn't worked out either. So we still need something - can we just get a consortium-wide license for go2meeting please? [Jane]
  • We'd like to have the GO helpdesk mails direct into JIRA for tracking and stats. Any objections? The mailing list would stay the same. [Jane]