Manager 17July2013

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  • GPAD file release plan
    • Rama: Now amigo2 is released, now we should make an announcement, and plan on a release date.
    • Chris: Heiko is working on it. Before the announcement, make a translator to convert GAF to GPAD and GPI, and run a prerelease check to see the file is fine. Also to see if people want to submit in this format.
    • Chris: It can be downloaded from Uniprot
    • Rama updated the wiki page, and will send out the format to the managers.
    • Chris updated the mamager wiki page with the new spec.
    • Rachel: jira created for GPAD
  • Huaiyu gave an update on the LEGO call from last week. Heiko is working on the the LEGO protege plugin trying to connect it to GO db, so that it can search and find related gene products for LEGO curation. A prototype will probably be available before the next LEGO call. In a long run, the LEGO curation tool should probably be protege independent.
  • AmiGO2 beta releas