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  • NIH quarterly reports required for management groups? Rama
  • GO strategy meeting for PIs and Managers? Emily
  • Anything for the GOC to follow up from the Biocurators meeting?
    • Follow-up from BioCreative meeting - next BioCreative curation challenge may be GO curation

Reporting on current priorities:

  • Implementation of the JIRA project management software for the GO Consortium
  • Common Annotation Framework. Determine the directions and deliverables for the next year.


  • Judy- We will have a clear idea on budget by the next managers call. We expected a 30% cut, but it looks better. We will be able to plan our activities better once we have the funding numbers.
    • How do we measure annotation progress? We should be show the value of our work.
    • Action Item: We are at the cusp of having the funding #s. PIs will give a rough idea of qtrly/yearly objectives at the next call. The first Qtrly report will be due in June. Our grant start date is March 2012.
    • Action Item: By June, check off the setting up of JIRA project as done. Training/walk through needed?
  • We are going to use another project management tool called TRELO? This is for listing High Level project ideas and each idea can be linked to a JIRA record.
  • 7 high level tasks that should go into TRELO (Action Item for PIs)
    • Specs for Non-redundant annotations
    • Annotation statistics webpage
    • CAF framework
    • Full documentation of minimal information annotation format
    • decide on relationships that can be used for col-16
    • specs for unmapped loci
    • Define priorities between breadth vs depth
    • additional task- think about defining metrics for tracking progress

  • Biocreative- Next challenge is going to be GO curation. May be we can help define the task so we benefit from the process? May be triaging literature? One thing to keep in mind is the time it takes to evaluate and report etc. We don't have resources to do in-depth evaluation. What is a reasonable time commitment? If you have ideas please send them to the list
  • JIRA- Focus is on the 7 tasks. We can assign people to the 7 tasks on JIRA. We can create a JIRA stub for new ideas. They might not get addressed any time soon, but will be stored in JIRA and won't be lost
  • Documentation for Minimal and Ideal activities are separate things. It is not about the format, but the responsibilities/expectations. Separate the minimal activities page and make it its own.
    • Action Item: Everybody would have read and commented on these documents by the next Managers call.
  • Any ideas for the next Annotation Call? We should continue discussion on col-16 and ideas on increasing expressivity
  • Paul- Create a Wiki page to collect ideas, document increased expressivity ideas