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Rama, Rachael, Chris, Kimberley, David, Huaiyu, Jane, Suzi, Pascale


GO tools registry:

This was suggested to replace GO tools page. NIF provides the infrastructure and curation of registry. People who want to register a tool can link directly to registry, it is displayed with an unverified tag until a NIF curator has looked at it and confirmed it. It is not possible to register a pre-existing resource, so no duplicates can be formed. NIF will take our current list of tools and load them into the registry. If there is any problem with the maintenance of the registry in the future, it should be straightforward to take back the data as it's in a structured format. NIF has link checking scripts so links don't go stale, NIF curators will email developers if they spot a problem, but it's unknown how frequently these checks are run.

Only downside is that it will not look like a GO product anymore Advantages include: users won't confuse the GO tools as being GOC responsibility and GOC doesn't have resources to cope with keeping tools page up-to-date

All agreed to go ahead with the registry GOC website will need changing so that we provide a link out to the NIF registry

ACTION: Rama will take a look at what needs to be done and talk to Seth

ACTION: Jane will search gohelp archive for backlog of new tool submissions

GO help using EBI JIRA (Jane)

This has been abandoned as had problem with emails getting through, need to use current system Chris suggested using JIRA email address directly on website instead of going through the GO helpdesk. Current system is flawed, cannot see which email have been answered or do easy searching. David suggested talking to TAIR who manage their helpdesk with JIRA

ACTION: Jane will test whether changing helpdesk address to the EBI JIRA helpdesk allows us to accept emails, if not will put TAIR in contact with EBI JIRA admin to try to figure it out

Blast2GO course (Rama)

Attended Blast2GO course last week, found it useful meeting GO users directly. B2GO developers showed increase in publications that use B2GO. Course was well taught (Stefan Gotz and Ana Conesa). B2GO has functionality to make graphs and charts - one-stop shop for GO analysis of sequences. Most users who attended had RNA-seq data and wanted to do enrichment, also mass spec data. These users won't necessarily make new annotations but are we addressing the needs of these users?


Jane - GoToMeeting account has now come through, will send details around

Rama - TRELLO where are we at? Projects for next quarter?

Suzi - There is a PI associated with each card, need to communicate with individual PI for task priority. Can start another column on the existing TRELLO board for Q2Y1.