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Jane, Emily, Rama, David, Mike, Chris, Paul T and Paul S



Discussion topics


Ref Genome

  • On schedule to begin PAINT curation

Ontology Development

  • In the process of recruiting a new EBI-GO editor who we identified on our last round of interviews, Paola Roncaglia. We hope she can start in Feb next year. We need to make sure we have a training plan for her.
  • Jane will be going on maternity leave next month, do we want Becky to attend these meetings in her absence?
    • Emily will be attending anyway - Becky will be attend on an ad-hoc basis where needed.
  • David gave an update on the CHEBI/GOCHE project. There will be a meeting in Boston in Feb with the aim of completing the xps, and the first paper draft is almost finished.

GO Slims

  • With the generic GO slim that Jane and Val have been working on nearing completion, would it be worth getting all those who have submitted a GO slim that the GOC maintains to provide a short paragraph outlining the reasoning behind their slim[s creation (e.g. how terms were decided upon, how the group is using the slim), that could be included in the header of the GO slim files? This action might also weed out any predefined GO slims that should no longer be maintained? (Emily)
  • Each go_slim should have a URL or GO_REF with at least an abstract describing how the slim is maintained.
  • The current version of generic GO slim is only BP. I was thinking of just using the CC terms in the existing generic GO slim and taking out MF terms. How does that sound?
    • Okay.
  • The author of the Neural-Immune Gene Ontology (that cut-down version of GO released on BioPortal) has apologized and agreed that their 'ontology' can maybe become a GO subset. The logistics of this might be too tricky though (Jane)
    • We need to create some mechanism to incorporate these third party subsets e.g. naming them ext_subset_nigo. But wait to hear back about their update mechanism etc.


  • Integrate gatekeeper function into OBO-Edit?


  • Can we provide some documentation about the managers? I can't find a list anywhere on the wiki of who is a manager, what we do and when we meet etc.
    • Jane to write
  • Is there a date decided on for the next GOC meeting yet? People here want to start booking flights
    • Probably CA in June to avoid other meetings
  • The heart development paper has been sent to Developmental Biology.