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Discussion on the agenda

  • GOC meeting preparation
    • details on presentations (how short etc)
    • making reports/detailed documents available on the wiki
    • composition of the PAINT training groups
    • what does 'complete' annotation mean? Would it refer to the set of annotations to a gene product, or the contents of a single annotation line?
    • 'not a volunteer consortium' agenda text concern (Emily)
    • clarification of specific agenda topics (e.g. Claire & Rolf's presentaion of additional gene function information - day 2) (Emily)
    • clarification of goals finalized on day 3.
  • proposed_annotation_activities document
    • CAF usage: wasn't this to be optional for groups?
    • for the complete gp2protein. Should it be clear how this data would be used? i.e. Only for AmiGO searches, or as a way of establishing coverage of genome with annotation? This might be of interest - as some groups, e.g. FlyBase, will have some entries with no sequences or annotations attached, which might be represent a classical mutant rather than a 'real' gene product per se, therefore genome coverage estimates using this data would be wrong. (Emily)
    • Should Kimberly be provided with results from the questionnaire and the annotation activities document - so she can respond to some of the needs raised by annotation groups in her presentation? (Emily)
    • Summary of meeting with Sarah Burge, Rfam - interest in GO annotation of ncRNAs.