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Discussion items

  • Pascale: do we have an update on the status of the GO editors? Varsha mentioned that there are several SF items needed for Ref genome that are still outstanding.
    • Would it be possible to increase the priority on items created for Ref Genome?
  • Merging mailing lists
    • Can we merge several annotation related mailing lists into one mailing list (we can call it go-discuss or annotation)? Complete list of current mailing lists are available here.

    • I have also suggested deleting/merging non_annotation_related mailing lists. We will end up with the following after all the merging/deleting.
    • Plan is to use the subject line efficiently to indicate the subject of discussion
Web-presense working group
Annotation  (or go-discuss) and will absorb all other annotation related mailing lists.
Software-group NOT Sure if it can be merged into Web Presence 


Present: Suzi, Judy, Pascale, Rama, Rachel, David

  • SF items- Pascale will contact Jane and request her to make the Ref.genome items a priority.
  • Mailing lists- Okay to merge and call it go-discuss. We will use the subject line effectively to indicate the topic of discussion. We will come up with some rules for amount of text in the subject line (what goes in the square bracket). One issue is go-discuss will show up in the subject line and then the actual subject line will show up. Is it possible to suppress the [go-discuss] part from the subject line and only display the [topic]?
  • GOC meeting update- Judy is finalizing some details for the upcoming BHB GOC meeting. She will put them on the wiki by the end of this week and make an announcement on the mailing list as well.