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Present: Judy, Pascale, David


Old Business

PAINT gene association files

1. Appropriate DB:Reference display.

ACTION: PAINT group to supply their gene association files with GO_REF:0000033 in the db_reference field.

2. Appropriate 'with' field display.

ACTION: PAINT group to resort their with field, so that the Panther ID appears first in the list.

The AmiGO display of References

ACTION: Rama to add this to the AmiGO working group agenda to discuss further.

New Reference Genome targets

Pascale: annotation targets related to the Wnt pathway will be the next RefGen annotation project. Working with Varsha to get this list ready.

From Rachael about synaptic processes

From the June 2nd Managers' call

We've been approached (via Sandra Orchard) by Mario Albrecht from Max Planck Institute - there are a group of researchers interested in improving the terms and annotations (human) relating to synaptic processes (see email). This would be great but we have no ontology developer time available for the foreseeable future. How best to proceed? [Jane & David]

Myself, Yasmin (in absence of Jane and Emily), Sandra and Becky met with John Chua from Mario Albrecht's group last week. Regarding the GO, they want to have new GO terms added for synaptic processes and have annotations for their dataset. They will first take a look at the terms we have relating to synaptic processes and determine whether it's a large- (look for funding for an ontology development workshop) or small-scale (SourceForge) effort to get the terms in that they require. Further on down the line they will need GO annotation training to get the annotations that they need for analysing their dataset. I have sent links to the resources they will need to look at the GO terms.

New Business

Email lists proposal

Rama and Pascale

  • Amigo-hub MERGE with Web-presense working group?
  • Annotation STAYS
  • Annotation-outreach REMOVE -> Why not merge with annotation?
  • Binding MERGE with Annotation
  • Downstream-effect MERGE with Annotation
  • Electron-transport MERGE with Annotation
  • Evidence MERGE with Annotation
  • Go STAYS
  • Go-curator-tracker STAYS Daily Message from SourceForge GO Curator Request Tracker
  • Go-diff STAYS Nightly Difference Messages of the GO OBO files
  • Go-managers STAYS Private List
  • Go-top STAYS Private List
  • Gofriends STAYS
  • Gohelp STAYS
  • Immunology MERGE with Annotation
  • Microbial-biofuel-production MERGE with Annotation ?? -> Sure
  • Neurobiology MERGE with Annotation
  • Newsletter  ??REMOVE -> I think this is still used? Ask Jane.
  • Ontology-editors STAYS
  • Protein-complexes MERGE with Annotation
  • Refgenome STAYS
  • Regulation MERGE with Annotation
  • Software-group MERGE with Web-presense working group? -> I think this needs to stay separate, but I'd ask Chris and Seth
  • Transport MERGE with Annotation
  • Regulation MERGE with Annotation
  • Viruses MERGE with Annotation
  • Web-presence-working-group STAYS

Judy has created an account in Connotea. She is learning how to use it and discussed how we can all add tags to the library. Pascale says there are 500 entries with the tag 'gene ontology' in the literature set now. If anyone can tag the literature, what does that really mean? Do we make more specific keywords such as 'gene ontology used for computational analysis' etc. Can we make these subcategories. What are we trying to accomplish here. It started because we don't have the resources to add to the GO bibliography. We want to be able to tag these similar to the way they are categorized in the GO bibliography. Judy will continue to explore groups and how we might do this. We can all tag things for 'gene ontology'. Now how do we categorize them and bring them into the GO bibliography? Judy will continue to explore.

We discussed the meeting in Bar Harbor and decided that it would be best for people to travel on Monday and then start the meeting in the morning on the 6th.