Manager 3December2014

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  • Kimberly gave an update on Capella development. Eventually this will be integrated into Noctua
  • Ontology group: working on progress report. DavidOS is working on spatial stuff such as integral_to, intrinsic etc
    • ReleationshipOntology: They have identified some relationships for obsoletion. PaulT is working on how these relationships are going to work for LEGO, if there are translations for LEGO etc.
  • PAINT:
    • The number of proteomes in the Ref.proteome collection has tripled. The PANTHER folks are rebuilding the trees.
    • Seth and Anushya are working on connecting the term enrichment to pantherDB directly.
  • Software (Chris)
    • Heiko is working on refactoring GOlr loading.
    • the GO.xref_abs file is going to be moved to YAML (yet another markup language) for easy maintenance
  • Annotation (Rama)
    • working on the progress report
    • planning the next annotation call
    • working on schedule for coma/pipe conversion for With column
  • GO Tops
    • the GO tops are going to have a grant renewal planning meeting in February
    • they are talking to Raja Mazumdar (Washington DC) about the next GOC meeting. There will be a SAB meeting also.
    • Chris asked about staff reduction in the ontology group and how we plan to readjust. This is going to be one of the items for discussion at the February GO tops meeting
    • Rama asked about status on protein2GO. There are several reasons why we need a point person at protein2GO (disputes, training etc). Rachael used to deal with lot of the protein2GO issues. Judy mentioned that they were going to talk about this also at the Feb meeting. But we might need to think about it sooner. Since Rachael and Rama were co-chairing the annotation group one option is to give Rama extra powers with protein2GO. Pascale, Rama and Kimberly will come up with a list of tasks that we need power for. This will help the GO tops to understand the needs.