Manager 3July2013

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  • GO help move to JIRA at TAIR (success!)
  • GeneDB is keen to send someone to the next GOC meeting, but have no travel money


  • Present: Rama, Pascale, David, Paul S., Kimberly, Rachael, Chris, Huaiyu, Jane, Suzi

  • Move to JIRA - everything is going fine.

If anyone is not receiving GOHELP emails, please speak up so this can get fixed.

Emails should be going to go-top and anyone on the go-help email list.

  • GeneDB wants to come to the Bar Harbor meeting.

Are there any funds available for their travel? Their travel budget is used up for now.

Would be good to try to bring a key person from GeneDB, if possible.

Rachael will follow up with Judy.

  • AmiGO2 is going live with beta version.

Will be a link between old AmiGO and AmiGO2.

Chris - is everyone testing AmiGO2?

David - using it as only browser; it's been working very well. Have contacted Seth with any issues.

Jane - interface could be prettier - maybe not a high priority?

Chris - interface is a high priority.

David - this is a complete re-design of AmiGO. If you get rid of your preconceived notions and just learn the new functionality, it's really nice.

Rama, Chris - main task now is to move content across.

Rama - is there a system to do this?

Chris - Drupal is a content management system.

Suzi - time to clean house?

Chris - Rachael and Rama have looked at what pages should be moved (small subset).

Suzi - any reason why we couldn't do a little tutorial on Drupal as a Google hangout?

Chris - sure

Suzi - two weeks will be past our deadline. Don't want Drupal mechanics to be the hangup for moving forward with AmiGO2 deadline.

Chris - who should be invited?

Suzi - could invite everybody, but need key 3 people who were involved in development (Rama, Ranjana, ?).

Chris - moving to new content system will not require static pages to be read from SVN; but some dynamic pages will still be read from SVN. There is a mechanism at SGD that syncs SVN with web content.

Rama and Chris may still touch base in two weeks at Stanford regarding Drupal for transfer of info.