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Agenda Items

Present: Rama, Rachael, Pascale, Jane, Chris, Huaiyu, Kimberly, Paul T.

  • GOC Progress Reports
    • For grant specific aims, send items to Judy?
    • What time frame is required? From March 1st 2013
    • Is this a nine month report?
    • Paul T. - can just write the report for the past year
  • Conference Call - Extending Protein2GO to non-UniProtKB identifiers
    • Participating groups so far: UniProt-GOA, SGD, Berkeley, WB, FlyBase, MGI, AgBase
    • Missing: Ecoli Wiki, BHF-UCL, DFLAT
    • Best time so far is Monday, 9/12 at 12:00pm EST, but need Tony and/or Maria
    • Spreadsheet asking for:
      • Types of identifiers
      • Approximate number of expected annotations - 10s, 100s, 1000s?
      • Stability of IDs - can they be mapped forward with updates? how frequently to update?
  • Histone-Specific Annotations
    • Is this an ontology issue or annotation issue or both?
    • Jane - need to devise strategies for how we might handle this
    • Chris - coordinate with PRO wherever possible
    • One issue - how well are residues conserved amongst different species?
    • Having some real data, use cases would be helpful here; Val might have some examples
    • On next annotation call try to come up with a plan of action