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Trello Board

Files for non-protein annotations

  • UniProt-GOA will soon be producing files for annotations to entities other than proteins, i.e. protein complexes and RNAs. A decision needs to be made on whether we produce these files separate to the protein annotation files or all as one file.


With/from proposal

The proposal itself is not ambiguous, it is the issue of dealing with legacy annotations. Most groups use pipes consistently for IGI, but not the case for IPI. No clear resolution!

GOC Meeting

  • Barcelona meeting: Is there going to be one day of Working group meeting at Barcelona? Claire (EBI) would like to come only to the main meeting. Suzi will talk to the GO tops and inform us. (Post meeting Paul T informed us that the main meeting will be on all 3 days)
  • about the meeting in DC area: Suzi mentioned that the meeting in DC area in 2015 summer is still in flux. GO tops have emailed to Phil Bourne to see if he is available next summer, no answer yet.

Trello Board


  • Chris: GO export to RDF (there is a JIRA item for this task-
  • Suzi fixed many bugs in PAINT during the jamboree
  • David OS will be attending a OWL workshop in October at XX?
  • Suzi going to Cambridge for Genome Informatics

CAF (Kimberley)

  • Working on Document classifier
  • Within WB they are testing a new version of Textpresso
  • For the December Synapse jamboree can we get the papers they are planning to annotate from ahead of time and use them in textpresso?

Ontology (David/Jane)

  • SF jamboree next week (over 300 tickets)
  • Chris will attend PAINT calls as needed

PAINT (Rama)

Jamboree was a huge success last week. Suzi was able to fix several bugs in the tool during the 4 days and it was useful to have everybody in the same room to discuss issues. Moving forward we are going to try to have an e-jamboree every Monday morning to curate and all PAINT curators/developers will be available to answer questions etc.

Annotation group

  • Email about GO_refs. Susan from flybase is creating GO_refs for some of the flybase internal references
  • Rachael met a curator from Purdue at the ISMB meeting who was annotating moon lighting functions of Ecoli proteins. She also spoke to Connie Jeffrey about using p2GO for annotating the moon lighting proteins. Both parties are not ready for p2GO yet, but they will contact us.
  • Rachael is updating the annotation documentation on the various col-16 relatioships
  • Rama is writing a small blurb about the biological phase term for the GOC website

File for Non-protein annotations

Since we include RNAs and proteins in one file now it makes sense to include complexes also in the same file and not make a separate file. We have to see how it affects term enrichment.