Manager 6Feb2013

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Attendance:Chris, Judy, Jane, David, Mike, Kimberley, Pascale, Paul T., Rama, Suzi, Paul S.

  • Wish list of agenda items
    • Community service of resources (e.g. galaxy, amigo 2)
    • Annotation (in particular PAINT)
    • technology & infrastructure (CAT)
    • ontology - what's up

These are the things that we need to get ready for the April meeting. Managers need to provide input about what we want to talk about. The SAB meeting will be a half day for everyone on Friday and then a half day with a smaller group in the afternoon. The GOC meeting will be a full day on Thursday and Saturday.

Need to have a meeting about column 16 at the GOC meeting. It is ok to request F-P terms using the termgenie. Wormbase has begun the test case of using protein2go. We are still have issues with having a unique representation of a gene. We don't want there to be an expansion of records per for each individual protein that correspnds to a gene. Paul T. will set up a conference call to address this redundancy issue.

Web site: We are going to rework the site to bring it up to date and try to make it better organized. We can do more to educate people right up front. Rama has been heading up the team to rework things with Seth. GO-TOP will discuss resources to get the web site revamped.

GOMINE tutorial went well. Rama is collecting feedback. Still need to finish up GPAD specs. Rama will schedule a separate call about GPAD.