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Apoptosis Curation Manual

Organisation of re-annotation effort.

Website documentation

GOC Agenda


  • Apoptosis: Do PAINT curation concurrently? We have to identify the families involved in apoptosis. Paul thinks we could do a divide and conquer approach so all of us are not looking at everything.
    • Almost all the obsoletions are done. Reannotation would involve improving the annotations to granular terms. Current annotations should be correct. Can we do some enrichment analysis?
    • Annotation group should discuss the re-annotation strategy. PIs will talk about the next step and talk to us. We will create a list of genes and see where we should focus our efforts.
  • What should be the next process that we need to update?
    • we just finished cell cycle content meeting. It was a very interesting meeting. Experts were really good. Ontology team ended up merging huge # of terms instead of creating more granular terms.

GOC website documentation

We have lot of documentation on the wiki, on the website. Moving forward we need to identify which parts should be wiki'fied and which parts should be on the website. Should we separate the technical parts of the ontology development to the wiki?

  • Chris- we should keep simple documentation on the GOC website and wikify most of the documentation.
  • We need to get a list of html pages that we currently have and see which ones belong where
  • Can we do a hackthaon to identify pages and decide which goes where?
  • Instead of all of us getting together, we can divvy up the topics and have people identify/sort pages
  • Should we move to wiki and then to Drupal?
  • Action Item: Jane will set up a doodle poll

GOC meeting agenda

  • Can we have one of the PAINT curators to talk about the SOP of PAINT curation?
  • Huauiyu can ask Moni to use the guidelines to see how good the guidelines are?
  • Moni is a new curator in Suzi's group