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  • How do we refine/change PAINT annotations as the ontology and underlying annotations change?
  • Also wrt PAINT, there was an issue with the PAINT GAFs that Tony reported last month:
    • This issue involved changes to the IDs in Column 2 of the PAINT GAFs and subsequent downstream effects on loading PAINT annotations into Protein2GO.
  • FYI, update on autophagy work. Last week some of us had a first conf. call to discuss what needs to be done and to list questions we need experts' help with. Paul Denny from Ruth's group at UCL will attend a workshop in the UK this week and will discuss with researchers there. We'll meet again next week; Paul D will de-brief and we'll then make plans for further calls/meetings.


  • Suzi's touch-up script should take care of this case
  • IDs in column 2(expecting UniProt but see Ensemble and other IDs). Happened first week of April and probably the touch-up script affected the IDs. Suzi did revert back but looks like some did not get fixed.
  • Autophagy meeting-Meeting will be later than we thought. Ruth said we have to use the money by next year.
  • GOC meeting and other updates from Judy: First 2 days are GOCmeeting, 3rd day symposium, 4th day SAB. We don't know who is going to talk at the symposium. We should all put our intention to attend the meeting on the wiki.
    • Future of data resources meeting on May 20th, 21st. PIs of all MODs funded by NHGRI, UniProt, ClinVar etc are invited to attend the meeting. Efficiencies in these resources to free some funding, sustainability of MODs are going to be main focus of the meeting.
    • Kimberly asked if part of the conference to get a universal set of IDs for gene/features? May be not.