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1) GeneMANIA annotations

2) MoonProt Annotations


Ideas for how we can provide materials to train groups wanting to provide manual annotations to limit the time we need to spend training them As a quick fix we can point groups to;

  • powerpoint training slides on website
  • marked up papers
  • QC script that groups can use to determine their own errors

Ideas for future;

  • webinars
  • video tutorials of various aspects of GO annotations (e.g. what is an annotation, manual experimental evidence codes, manual non-experimental evidence codes, annotation extensions, electronic annotations overview, annotation file formats...)
  • Discuss under "outreach" at GOC meeting


  • Rachael and Rama to work on this
  • ask for set of annotations to gauge their quality
  • point them to documentation we provide
  • suggest appropriate training/mentoring


  • Evidence code discussion RCA vs. IEA
  • RCA can be manually or automatically assigned, but this distinction is only visible in ECO
  • maybe provide link out to prediction datasets from GOC/AmiGO2
  • possibly provide the datasets without evidence codes
  • to be discussed further at GOC meeting


  • SGD are just about to start curating with Protein2GO, had a few more issues that they expected but it should result in more annotation consistency
  • Ontology development work for Giardia Lambia group is moving forward. Jane is incorporating the terms they requested. The authors were considering developing their own ontology, but after some email exchanges we decided to incorporate their term requests.