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Managers Conf. call time

Does this time work for everyone? Attendance at these calls has been up and down and for these biweekly phone calls to be productive we should make sure this time works for all/most of us.

Priorities/tasks, deliverables

Reporting on current priorities:

1. Implementation of the JIRA project management software for the GO Consortium

2. Common Annotation Framework. Determine the directions and deliverables for the next year.

3. Full documentation of the minimal/ideal annotation format, including the gp2protein, gp2rna formats. (are the PIs/managers happy for the current draft circulated on the email list to be published on the wiki?)

New items

GO meeting minutes

Summary of Action Items from Day 1 of the meeting was sent over email. Please coordinate with your co-minute taker and add summary/action items for your assigned sessions to that document. In addition, if available, please post the whole transcript on the wiki.

Prioritization of annotation-related tasks.

We need to be able to start relying on other GO-NIH funded curators for contributions. Perhaps also set up some focused working group meetings to make headway.

1) Clean up existing documentation on wiki and move to the GO website.

2 Create new documentation for existing file formats: annotation/mapping files, annotation guidance (already mentioned, and set as a prioritised task for this next quarter)

3) Annotation documentation guidance; what constitutes a redundant annotation, clarification of contributes_to qualifier. Specific guidance for transcription and apoptosis.

4) Discuss and resolve new annotation methods: annotating to protein complexes, mapping of ECO to GO ev. codes, annotation relations

5) define pipeline for PAINT curation and GOC annotation targets - to be coordinated with PAINT folks

6) Evidence codes. Mapping of ECO to GO evidence codes. Resolve evidence code for MF-BP, BP-CC inferences

7) QC checks, integrating centrally created annotations (reciprocals/inferrred). We need to collaborate with the software group as to how to implement for best impact.

8) open up CANTO in some form to the public, communication with emerging annotation groups

Blast2GO course-

Proposal to extend the go-help role

(Chris) I'd like to extend the go-help role to include editing the various metadata files as well as making simple updates to the website. I assume this is within the capabilities of most of the folks doing go-help. I'm happy to provide training and/or additional documentation.

As I was updating the documentation for the metadata files I noticed that the file driving this extremely useful page:

GO bibliography

Chris: Hasn't been updated in 12 months, and the web page still has Midori's email. For those unfamiliar, Midori used to regularly search the literature and add new papers to the list. We should either assign this to someone else, or change the web page to say it's no longer updated (which would be a shame in my opinion).

GO web contact person?