Manager Call 2016-05-04

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Next GOC Meeting Dates

Could everyone please let Paul T know which of the two sets of dates works for them.


Present: Melanie Courtot, Paola Roncaglia, Kimberly Van Auken, Pascale Gaudet, David Hill, Huaiyu Mi, and Moni Munoz-Torres.

Agenda: David Hill

Notes: Moni Munoz-Torres

1. Everyone please let Paul Thomas know which of the following dates work best for the next GOC meeting:

  • November 4-6
  • November 13-15

2. Moni reported on the first meeting of the “Data Capture Working Group”. Minutes from the first call are available at

Paola suggested sending the URL for the minutes to the GOC email.

3. Idea to inform GOC of our updated and current conference calls schedule.

  • Kimberly ToDo: During the annotation call, remind everyone about all the different calls that go on during the week and where they can find the minutes. --Done.
  • Moni ToDo: Prepare a page (wiki) where we inform GOC of current conference calls and where to find the public minutes, if any. -- Done.
  • Paola and Melanie ToDo: let’s also update GOC members about GO Calendar.