Manager Call 2016-12-21

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Agenda: Paola Roncaglia

Minutes: David Hill

Present: DavidH, Kimberly, Paola, Chris, Judy, Suzi, PaulT

Regrets: Melanie


LEGO curators issues

At the last call, we resolved to use this space today to go through LEGO curators' issues and try to prioritise them (

Looked at the milestones. There are a lot just for January.

GOC projects page

Also, at the last call, we resolved to use a managers call to try out/review the GOC projects page (

We need to populate the management project with tickets.

2017 GO-help rota

  • Need names of people who can participate and a schedule.
  • First priority is to find people to cover for January.
  • We should put a vacation message out for Dec 26th-Jan2.