Manager Call 2017-03-15

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Consortium Meeting

  • Can we get the list of attendees for the meeting and workshop(s) to start planning?

GO and AGR

  • What should GO be doing wrt AGR?
  • Working group? What would the goals of that working group be?


  • On call: David H, Huaiyu, Judy, Kimberly, Pascale, Paul T.

Consortium Meeting

  • Can we get a list of attendees to plan for meeting and workshops, in particular?

AI: Ask Pankaj to generate the current participants list. Add this to agenda page on the wiki. --Kimberly

GO and AGR 0.6

  • GO details will be on the gene pages
  • How do we want to reconcile the comparative vs specific views?
    • One slim for all or specific slims? Or both?
    • What annotations should be included in these slims, i.e., manual, IEA, etc.?
  • Want to promote shared used of resources, e.g. browsers, other displays, Noctua
  • Want to promote consistency of annotation a la Reference Genome
  • Is there a GO working group work within AGR? Or should there be a more general ontologies working group?
  • There is a Google doc on the Gene Ontology widget for AGR that came from the technical team
  • Need to figure out who/what of working groups - touch base with Stacia?

Ontology Development

  • David H will ask editors to keep track of complexes, binding, Noctuable, i.e. combinatorial, term requests

Annotation Issues

  • How do we continue with annotation consistency work when we no longer do the annotation consistency exercises?
  • How can we strongly encourage people to use Noctua more for their annotation?
    • We need an all hands on deck to get Noctua across the finish line and get more curators using it for production.
    • Resume LEGO calls?
    • Prioritize, and then push on development of feature requests?

AI:Contrast Noctua curation with Protein2GO curation. What efficiences/features still are needed in Noctua? --Karen, Kimberly