Manager Call 2017-08-02

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Joining the Call on Zoom



  • On call: David H, Judy, Kimberly, Moni, Paul T., Suzi

Cambridge Meeting

  • Helen sent out an email about registration
  • We will review this on the next annotation call

Annotation Projects

  • Focused work on specific areas of biology, e.g. autophagy, signaling pathways
  • Will try to include GO-CAM model(s) in documentation/publications

Other Updates




  • Working on support for participants for Cambridge meeting


  • Report on signaling pathway work, specifically Wnt
    • Leading to more general discussion of annotation issues wrt ligands, etc.
  • Will begin documentation migration to github/go-annotation
  • WB grant renewal due next month
    • Working on prioritizing GO-CAM curation


  • Nearly ready with next revision of GO-CAM paper
  • Putting together the Wnt example has been an informative review of the annotations of pathway members
  • Discussion of missing annotations for key mechanistic insights for core areas of biology
  • Would be good to re-visit the overview/consensus view of genes wrt GO and fill in missing annotations
    • Identify key papers for mechanistic annotations
    • Gene Wiki

David H

  • Triaging ontology github tickets
  • Working on MAPK signaling pathway
  • Working with Peter D. to make github models of gpi-modification pathways
  • Working on GO-CAM models with MGI curators
  • David, Paul, Peter working on mapping Reactome models to GO-CAM models
    • Challenges in representing gene product activity vs complex activity
    • A complex is required to observe a function, but only one of the gene products actually has that activity, e.g. kinase activity
    • When do we want to use contributes_to, when don't we