Manager Call 2017-12-06

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GO helpdesk

The current solution is really not appropriate for most of our users. The bar is too high to submit any request. Can we re-evaluate the decision to have a simple form/email mechanism ? See discussion in

GH tickets reminder From geneontology/go-annotation#1388

We all need a way to be reminded which tickets are assigned to us!

Can this be done in some sort of "git hub" management mode (i.e select all tickets and send a message saying "you are the assignee of this ticket, please check if it can be closed").... A monthly alert......I will never look otherwise.... I think this would get a lot of GitHub tickets "unstuck"

At least for the go-ontology and go-annotation repos that would be really nice.

Thanks, Pascale

One way to do this is to filter on the assigned by field in GH.

GH athon?

Should we have a workshop with the current ontology editors to specifically focus on cleaning up outstanding GH issues? Are there funds for this? If so, where and when would it be? I suspect we would need four days.

Guidelines for Annotation Display

Obsolete terms in slims: need a SOP


GO at ISB, April 2018



  • On call: Chris, David H., Kimberly, Paul T., Suzi

GO Helpdesk

  • The move to github was based on resources
  • If we want a better system, then we need more resources
  • Tickets have been of a more technical nature, perhaps not surprisingly

AI: Chris, Kimberly, Seth can follow-up to see if a WB-like approach of combining an easy email and github would be feasible for GO

GH tickets reminder

  • Easy to check tickets assigned to you
  • AI:David will review how to do this on the next editors call

GH athon?

  • Core ontology editors would get together and work through the backlog of tickets
  • There are funds for this but it would be best to do this before the end of this grant year, i.e. by February 2018
  • AI: Decide on dates and place

Guidelines for Annotation Display

Obsolete terms in slims: need a SOP

  • Original guidelines were that obsolete terms would not be removed from slims unless the maintainer of the slim requested it
  • AI: Slim metadata should track what version of the ontology the slim was based on
  • Ideally, we don't want to keep obsolete terms in a slim
  • We need to work with slim maintainers to keep the terms up-to-date
  • Documentation for metadata about slims (MIAAGS)

GO at ISB, April 2018

  • Suzi will be there; talking about OBO
  • Paul T. may be able to attend; will send an abstract
  • More discussion on the PI call


  • In Berkeley
  • Start on Monday, 1/22, end on Friday, 1/26