Manager Call 2018-08-01

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Feedback form update

Are we going to have a form ?

  • Yes, Seth is working on paying for Tender, yearly plan
  • Hopefully resolved by next week
  • (Chris: USC can pay if needed)

New GO-announcement repo

Done: obo-discuss, go-friends, isb

Anything else ?

  • Twitter/facebook

New GAF Submissions

Need to create a protocol for new website

Case 1: Existing organism, new group:

Plasmodium annotations

See mail thread related to

  • Contact both groups, have them discuss who "official" ('authoritative') owner should be
    • Official owners need to be on calls, mailing lists, aware of current practices/tools, etc.
  • Verify official source's membership on all official mailing lists

Case 2: New Organism, new group:

Asiatic mangrove

Made own IEAs "using Canopi",

  • InterPro2GO is accepted source of IEAs for non-MODs. Manual annotations can be accepted, not IEAs.
    • Canopi, others tools can't be reproduced

Outreach coordinator role

GO outreach job description:

  • Helpdesk: Responsible for assisting users with questions regarding biological/scientific aspects of GO Consortium
  • Helpdesk: triage and tracks requests using the GitHub & Tender Helpdesk systems
  • Helpdesk: Follow up on answers or forward user queries, as appropriate, and tracks responses.
  • Documentation: work closely with the GOC software team as new software is implemented to ensure that new users help documents are written, and existing documents updated.
  • Documentation: develop online turorials and FAQs, including pictorial step-by-step instructions, and animated videos.
  • Documentation: responsible for developing problem sets and tutorials for training sessions, as well as tutorials for the GO website.
  • Communication: organize training sessions at conferences and meetings and at road shows given at other institutions.
  • Communication: maintains the Facebook and Twitter accounts
  • Communication: reach out to outside groups for key organisms, ensure groups are on calls/mailing lists/meetings/ etc.

Everyone please review this list, see if we agree with the points/want to add anything, then PIs can work on assigning tasks to specific people List needs to be prioritized.

Action Item (?) for Montreal-define all roles within GO, not just outreach

Ontology Editors' Meeting

  • Geneva in December 2nd or 3rd week (push for 1st weekend from DavidH)
  • Logical definitions and design patterns
  • Troubleshooting conflicts
  • GO-Rhea-Reactome alignment-- moving forward
  • GH tickets!
  • Attendees-- DavidH, Pascale (Host), Kimberly, Harold, Karen, PeterD?(get him funded?), Chris, Ben?, Alan and Anne (for at least the Rhea part)

Discuss with PIs: Let Kimberly/Pascale know if there are barriers to having this meeting (money, etc.)

Logistics: Alternative plan = Split into two meetings, one US (North Carolina?)/one Geneva

Protein2GO/ND processing

KVB to ask Tony/George about this, request to have Tony make official ticket Added to Annotation call on 14th August

GO Web Site Migration

Drupal move: new home of documentation is