Manager Call 2019-01-16

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2018 Progress Report

  • Anything more needed here?

Upcoming Meetings

Next working meeting

  • Last week of January (Berkeley)
    • Hotels - do we need consensus?
  • Pre-hackathon call this week - Friday at 1pm PST

New website

Test site at: Final critical items


Pre-hackathon No designated hotel Expect to get shuttle passes, let Chris/Seth know if you need them to arrange a parking pass Ben, David, etc. will have a pre-meeting call to discuss technical- Doodle poll says Friday @1EST New project already created (existing tickets & tasks collected)

Is it possible to separate or set time aside for programmers to work on their own goals, limit discussion or have plans to do that before?(H) Main priority is moving genomes in, so will be cycles of coding, also want to work on improving main page/form/annot review. Refactor code also, so yes this is important to streamline what coders need to be working on(C)

Progress Report submitted yesterday

New item- Cambridge -how many days clarification: 2. Definitely.

Website: trying to push out as soon as feasible, plans:

  • Finish blockers:
    • have a list of blockers- would like feedback (anything not here that should be/anything here that shouldn't)
  • Ask for feedback:
    • SuziA to make email announcement to go-consortium list on "soft opening"
(go-discuss has a few extra people, go-friends is even wider)
  • Release site
    • then work on remaining issues/bugs

Is search really a showstopper? Consensus is not so much, can probably release without resolving. LP can probably get to re-indexing Friday afternoon, best to wait to solicit feedback until search is functioning as intended

Present: Chris, Huaiyu, Kimberly, Laurent-Philippe, Seth, Suzia