Manager Call 2019-02-06

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Meeting Reports

  • Hackathon Report
    • Importing 'legacy' annotations into Noctua
    • Recap of hackathon and plans moving forward
    • Review GPAD/GPI specs
      • Decision points:
        • Header - standardize across all groups?
        • References - may need cardinality >1 if we concatenate different references in annotations from more complex GO-CAMs
        • Properties - review listed properties, semantics
      • Aiming to discuss this on the 2019-02-12 Annotation Conference Call
      • Have all of the rules specified before the next GO meeting in April (e.g. how to handle "with" field)

Upcoming Meetings

  • GOC Meeting Cambridge

Other project Reports

  • New Web Site (developers- Suzi A, Laurent-Phillipe, Seth; testers- DavidH, Kimberly)
  • Pathways2GO (David, Kimberly, Ben, Huaiyu, Jim- GO funded; PeterD- not GO funded)
    • Weekly meetings to discuss pathway imports.
    • David and Kimberly to visit Peter D?? (others?)
  • Alliance (???)
    • Annotation extensions in Ribbon expand table view
  • Proposal ideas--- See Chris' email.
  • Microbial annotation (???)
  • Cellular Component work requested by Peter (???)
  • MF xref work (Harold)
    • Update/clean up EC xrefs
    • Fill in Rhea gaps