Manager Call 2019-02-27

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Present: Chris, David, Huaiyu, Kimberly, Pascale, Seth, Suzi, Judy, Paul T, Laurent-Philippe

Discussion points


  • Update on all ongoing projects:
  • We need % effort from the different people involved in project for all projects with a delivery date/active projects
  • Should we create projects for (1) Proposed new Noctua widget (2) GPAD/GPI specs (3) Documentation (reopen?)
    • GPAD/GPI specs is already a github project
  • 'Gantt-chart' to manage projects: Hackathon tasks: how is that working ?


  • SO vs MSO - stick with SO for now?

Cambridge meeting: Review action items from Montreal

New IEAs (not InterPro2GO)

We decided earlier to not accept IEAs from outside groups, as all sequences would be run through the dependable InterPro2GO after uploading- but this group/method *seems* like they have more accurate annotations and higher coverage.

GOC meeting action items

In Cambridge Agenda:


  1.  Moving existing annotations to GO-CAM

From last meeting minutes (by far not exhaustive)

  • Create working group to coordinate integration of IEAs (single source ideally): priority?
  • Handling redundant information: priority?


  • GPAD/GPI spec
    • Need to be finished by the Cambridge meeting
    • Pascale emphasizes that it should be a public facing document that users are able to see.
    • David reminds everyone that there should be only one spec instead of multiple working versions to avoid confusion.
    • Need a call to review the spec before the Cambridge meeting, and make final decisions. It can be at the annotation call.
  • Moving no-GO-CAM annotations to GO Central
    • Dustin wrote a script to do so.
    • Biggest issue is to handle annotation extensions - need to write generalized rules.
    • Reviewed the level of efforts for everyone involved in the project.
  • GO data release pipline
    • Project owner question. The current owner is Pascale, but Seth originally thought he was the owner. Need to clarify.
    • Reviewed github tickets.
    • Most of the discussions were side-tracked to the SynGO import.